Save money, install Solar Panels!

The suppliers of solar panels, enlisted at, would gladly assist you. Here you can request for a free quotation, which will be tailored to your needs. Moreover, we would like to advise you about making the right choices. The information below may already give some guidance.

Solar panels

Would you like to save on energy costs? Do you feel that the environment should not unnecessarily suffer from generating power? Choose for solar panels. In the United Kingdom too, solar panels are viable. It is usually cloudy, but the clouds only partly block the sunlight. Sufficient sunlight remains to generate sustainable energy. You recuperate your investment in solar panels in a number of years. Solar panels consist of solar cells. These solar cells are usually made from silicium. This material catches the daylight and converts it into electricity. The electricity passes through a converter, enabling direct utilisation. If you generate more electricity than you use, you can supply this additional energy to the public electricity network. Your electricity meter then turns backwards, reducing your costs of energy.

Solar water heater

Increasingly, inhabitants of the United Kingdom discover the advantage of solar water heaters, which produce sustainably heated water. In this way, the energy bill is greatly reduced. At the same time it contributes to sustainability. Using a solar water heater, you save almost half of the energy required to heat water. Even in winter, when the sun shines for a few hours only, a solar water heater can produce sufficient water for taking a shower or doing the laundry. Solar water heaters do not use the electromagnetic properties of sunlight, but the heat contained in sunlight. This heat is collected and stored in an insulated tank: the boiler. This heat is then supplied to the tap water through a piping system. There are several types of solar water heaters available; a standard solar water heater, a solar water heater for central heating systems and a compact solar water heater. Your supplier will be pleased to advise you in making a decision.

Solar collectors

Solar collector is a general term used for devices which collect heat. In solar collectors sunlight is converted into heat. This heat can then be used directly for heating spaces or (tap) water. Usually, most of the demand can be met. As the sun does not always shine, it usually does not meet the demand entirely. As a result the system is often combined with other heat-supplying systems. Nevertheless, solar collectors are very useful. By using solar collectors, you reduce your energy bill tremendously, causing the solar collectors to be relatively cheap.